Tumble Academy
Your athlete will learn all the skills they need to pursue their dreams. Classes are well designed to safely progress athletes throughout all skills. All athletes will attend initial evaluation class to make sure they are placed in the class that best suits them. They will love obtaining new skills and earning medals as they progress through the levels of the Tumble Academy.
Evaluation Class
This is for any new athlete who would like to join the Tumble Academy or for any current athlete who thinks they may have the skills to move up to a new level.
Pre-School Tumble
This class is for a tiny athletes between the ages of 3 and 5. The classes focuses on teaching basic body control, tumbling, and flexibility.
This class is perfect for any brand new athlete. Basic body control and skills are taught to help your athlete be more successful. This class also teaches the rules of the gym and the structure of classes. Ages 5-10
This class is geared to teach Round-offs, Front walkovers, Back walkovers, and beginning technique of Backhandsprings.
Athletes will learn a standing backhandspring and round-off backhandspring in this class.
This class is for athletes who can do a backhandspring and round off backhandspring unassisted. It works on mastering those skills along with learning how to do round off multiple backhandsprings and standing multiple backhandsprings. It also starts teaching the basic technique of a tuck.
This class is for athletes who are working on their tucks. They will learn how to connect back tucks in running tumbling passes along with working to get their standing tuck from a panel mat and front punches.
This class is for athletes who are working to master their layouts, fulls, and standing tucks.